And By The Way... All Art Materials Are Always Included!

You Don't need to know where to find your materials or worry about extra charge, Pattie will bring everything you need! After you've organized and payed for a class, all you have to do is sit down and enjoy it!

Pattie Teaches All Ages and All Levels! Anyone Can Be a Painter!

Organize a class for your colleagues, your church, your family, a school group, as a fundraiser or have everyone chip and and do a class just for fun! There are limitless possibilities, so don't hold back! Just decide what you or your group wants to learn (some suggestions below) and what kind of experience you want! Whether its social or a serious class, adults, kids, or both; there is something for you to learn from Pattie: and you can definitely do art!

You Can Do Art!

Schedule just one session or join a class series! Take a skills-building class and learn the ropes of basic sketching where you'll begin to learn how to draw a 2D

sketch that looks just like your real-world,

3D subject through space, perspective,

and shadow;  how to really use colored

pencils; water color techniques & color

theory. Build some fundamental skills,

whatever your age, and begin making

your own art to hang on the wall!

You Can Go Farther!

More advanced Watercolor and Acrylic

painting classes will expand your

skills beyond the basics and teach you

another common and important medium!

With acrylic painting, you can do realism,

pointillism, impressionism or any of a

host of styles! 

You Can Become a Great Master!

Once you know the basics, expand your whole concept of art! Learn the tricks and styles of the great masters throughout history: Michelangelo, Degas, Van Gogh, Munch, Mondrian, Picasso, Lichtenstein,

Seurat, and Blake! Learn expanded

painting techniques, but also clay, chalk

on cloth, impasto, and styles of art you

may have never knew existed! Pattie will

guide you through a painting in the

master's style! Don't just be good at

painting, be a master!

Or Just learn what you want to learn! A la carte!

Do a 'Paint Party!'

  • Make it an event with friends, food a drinks! Bring everyone together for an activity they will all love; painting! 

Cick for event sample​

Click one of the paintings below to see what you could do! 

  • Bring the Church Together!

    • Churches always love fellowship time, but instead of another potluck, keep the congregation engaged with a new, artistic activity the whole church can do together!​

  • Paint With Your Kids!

    • Bring all the kids from school​ around to learn to paint! Do you notice your kids doodling is good? Bring Pattie in to feed their passion, or have Pattie for your child's birthday party!


Or Just Build Your Skills!

  • Sketching

    • All kinds of sketching techniques for all levels!​

  • Water color​

  • Acrylic​

    • Learn to paint serious realism, pointillism, or even something simpler and sillier like your favorite newspaper art!​ Previous event sample

  • Expanded techniques for more advanced or more adventurous learners!​

Upcoming Classes


Recurring Benjamin Franklin art classes!

Join Pattie at the Benjamin Franklin art store in Oconomowoc, WI for a class guiding you through the skills you'll need to learn to watercolor paint!

Visit their website, here

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Click here


for the schedule!

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